#Hardwell is by far one of the most down to earth people I've had the privilege of interviewing, so much so, it's easy for him to unassumingly sit as the #1 DJ in the world. 

Earlier this week, the Dutch DJ blew up Time Square promoting his #HWTS and announcing that he will be bringing 'I Am Hardwell' to North America for his world tour finale with a banging closeout at NYC institution Madison Square Garden November 15th. 

Hardwell didn't want to just reveal his tour dates in Time Square but with Elite Daily, they took it upon themselves to talk to some of his "fans" in person and ask some VERY basic questions as the #1 DJ in the world innocently watches the responses. Watch the video and leave your thoughts!


Sources: http://inthemix.com/news/watch-hardwell-punk-edm-fans-in-times-square-with-awkward-results/23628

Hardwell Punks EDM "Fans" On The Streets Of New York