Clavin Harris' hometown of Scotland was not prepared for the big surprise he threw at them last night at T in The Park Music Festival when "The Fresh Prince" came on stage for Calvin's closing set.

"I said to Calvin Harris, I have two weeks free and I want an experience," is how Will began. "Calvin said, 'Come home with me, come to Scotland... Ladies and gentlemen - Scotland's own Calvin Harris!", roared Will Smith as the crowd exploded.

For those of you who love EDM you may be as stoked as I am by learning that earlier this year an announcement was made that Calvin Harris and Will Smith are working together on a half-hour HBO comedy series centered around today's electronic dance music culture which will include Jada Pinkett-Smith and Jay-Z. Oh yeah,  the writer is no other than Scottish novelist and screen writer Irvine Welsh.

Check out the video below as Will Smith tries his best to follow Calvin's drops.

Now let's plan for T In The Park Festival for next year!

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